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sexual assault. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >>> emotionally it is a difficult story. legally it is complex. should the three teenage boys be tried as adults? what are the options? what happens next? >> reporter: in some cases the district attorney doesn't have to decide it automatically charges juveniles as adults. those cases, though, usually have to do with some type of murder. most of the time the d.a. relies on a statute called 707-b. the state of california outlines 30 serious or violent crimes that allows prosecutors to automatically charge juveniles as adults. the district attorney's office can make a direct filing or call for a hearing to see if the minor should be tried as a juvenile or an adult. what happens if a minor commits a crime that are serious. >> some crimes are sexual assault when they are unconscious or intoxicated, something of that nature. >> reporter: for the juvenile commits a crime not on the list that juvenile can be charged as an adult. >> the crime isn't a 707 b crime. we take it very seriously. if a person or minor were to commit a string of thos
are much higher with a total of 100 patients reportedly being treated at five area hospitals. nbc news has been told that one of the two known fatal tis was an 8-year-old child. no suspect in custody, many people are being questioned. the u.s. attorneys office is working together with the fbi, atf and other state, local and federal law enforcement officials on the investigation. and nbc news is reporting that 460 national guardsmen are on site as well. a white house official says any event with multiple explosive devices is clearly an act of terror and will be approached as such. we'll talk about that. and earlier this evening, the president himself addressed the nation. >> we're continuing to monitor and respond to the situation as it unfolds. and i've directed the full resources of the federal government to help state and local authorities protect our people, increase security around the united states as necessary and investigate that. we still do not know who did this or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but, make no mistake, we will get to the
device. the ap reporting, nbc news reported other items were found left behind. we have not confirmed whether they were, in fact, explosive or not but we know out of precautionary measures boston police rendered them safe. do we know from boston police whether they have secured an area and are no longer concerned about the presence of secondary explosive devices? >> reporter: we do not know that as of now. there will be a press conference coming up in 30 minutes where we're expected to find out more about that. we know they were treating anything left on the ground, any package as suspicious. as can you imagine, it's a marathon. people are dropping things left and right. then when the explosions happened, they're running away, and dropping whatever is on them so they were treating everything as suspicious. we do believe there was potentially a third incendiary device and that that was safely detonated. there was also a fire at the jfk library but right now it's not clear what caused that fire. they are saying there were no explosions happening at that library. >> nbc's katy tur, thank
enforcement sources tell nbc news the bombs were built to act like homemade ieds. sources tell nbc news the bombs included a battery pack and "the boston globe" reports investigators recovered a part of a circuit board at the scene. the bombs were packed with scha shrapnel. the bomb was not capable of creating a massive blast. instead, its main purpose was to maim and injure. photos obtained by whdh in boston showed the area where the bomb was left moments before and moments after the detonation. the fbi is looking at these photos and others like them for clues as to who placed the bombs and when. now there is precedent for devices like these. in 2004, the fbi sent out a memo on the use of homemade pressure cooker bombs. al qaeda's online magazine gave instructions for making them just last month and in the 2010 attempted attack on times square, one of the devices found included a pressure cooker and 125 firecrackers. meanwhile, the search of an apartment belonging to a foreign student injured in the blast has so far turned up nothing and he's not considered a suspect at this point. yes
from now in the months to come all over again. in washington, nbc news national security analyst and former director of the national counterterrorism center michael lighter joins us. we want to be careful about trying to figure out where this came from until there's good evidence that the fbi decides to release. but security at marathons. may en, how -- this is ridiculous. you've got tens of thousands of people lining a street looking forward, what do we expect? >> right. well, first of all, i really would echo joe and mike barnicle's views about it is so early in this investigation and i think it's incredibly important to be cautious about who did this and how we adjust in the future. but as you noted, these sorts of large public gatherings, these have always been viewed as potential targets. and we can do a lot to make these events safer. and boston -- cities like boston and new york have. it starts with collecting the intelligence. so you try to detect these things before they occur. you do have a significant police presence that boston obviously had. all of these things add u
. >> much more ahead on "nbc nightly news". -- >> bring out the best in others, the ones they seek to harm. >> right, there's still discussion obviously whether this was international terrorism or domestic terrorism. do you have a feeling on that? >> i this i this is one of those things you have to wait to play out. often there is a claim of responsibility quickly which we haven't seen yet. that could mean nothing. they say in those bombs they had bebes and ball bearings and i guess they asked one of the terrorism experts. as lester just the fbi special agent in charge they're processing live digital evidence right now. that is a priority. why the officials who spoke at that press conference, already they received tips, they're getting an awful lot of feedback from the general public as to what may have happened behind us yesterday afternoon. lester, we arrived here in the early evening hours. you have been covering this story from your point of view. >> the skriem scene area has been reduced down to five blocks. belongings left over from runners. they're looking for particles of the bombs
consisted of just two bombs. nbc news has learned there were no other unexplode devices. at least five suspicious packages were destroyed and dozens had to be checked. in terms of suspects, right now there is no one in custody. however, police did interview a saudi man that was hospitalized with burns. they also searched his home in the boston suburb of revere and were seen removing items in bag. two men were being searched for. at this point it is not clear if the attack ornl natuiginated ov or domestically and there's been no credible claims of responsibility. today law enforcement sealed off the site of the explosions, an area stretching a mile long and about three blocks wide. streets are closed and the copley subway station is shut down. nobody is allowed into the area while the crime scene is active. >> that area is not going to be accessible for normal traffic. there are people in hotels, people who live there who have to work out how they get to and from where they need to be. but otherwise, i think it is fair to say that area is pretty much going to be locked down. >>> now for
in roger, a long-time nbc news terrorism analyst and, roger, what you're seeing unfolding. try to sort of bring viewers in. we're seeing they believe they know where one individual is. there is a concern, they locked down all of boston because they seem to have some vague concerns and not quite sharing with us what they are, vague concerns. walk us through what is going on. >> it's remarkable and surreal at the same time. what you're seeing is two things. the media pursuit of the second individual and then the broader concern that there may be one, if not more associated in one way, shape or form. we use the term abundance of caution and what law enforcement does and that's another, this is another example of that. but remarkable, as willie has said. remarkable the city of boston locked down the way it is. >> on one hand law enforcement pursuing this, the younger brother here. trying to make sure busten is sa safe. on the other hand, we know these two young men are. we know their nationalities and learning some things. what is the intel community doing and what kind of international he
definition. >> [ bleep ] -- >> good evening, nbc north dakota news and he'll be joining the weekend news team as my co-anchor. tell us a little bit about yourself, a.j. >> thanks, i'm very excited. i graduated from west virginia university and i'm used to being from the east coast. >> okay. well, welcome aboard, a.j. >> thanks. >> go for it. >> fatal atv crash happened yesterday in williams county. >> by the way, a.j. was fired today. >> so when is he coming, alex? >> hey, alex, when are we getting him on? >> we're working on him. i think they're working out -- >> no, i'm serious. >> we are working on it. >> he needs to be on a new show. we can get him a job. >> mr. f-bomb can tell him everything he needs to know. >> i've got to tell you. worse things can happen in your career. >> he can learn from the best. >> he can learn from the best. >> this week, please. >> good morning, everyone, it's tuesday, april 23rd. welcome to "morning joe." i think alex thinks i'm serious. does he understand when i'm serious? >> hey, alex, i got an idea. willie and i were talking about it, we need to get a.j., w
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Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)